Our Mission

The Coalition strengthens local democratic governance through citizen empowerment and involvement by advocating and supporting a variety of initiatives. The primary focus is helping citizens in the global community, help themselves. Through direct collaboration between committed individuals in the U.S., South Africa, and elsewhere, the Coalition pursues initiatives that

  • Encourage citizens to transcend racial, ethnic, class, and geographic differences that divide citizens
  • Promote the civic development of children and youth in order to achieve a new civic socialization and ethic
  • Educate citizens, local councilors, and local officials about their roles and responsibilities in civic society
  • Develop institutional and human capacity of citizens and local self-governments to identify and address community needs
  • Strengthen the link between local self-government and the governed through programs and projects that break down barriers, facilitate communication, and build trust
  • Develop institutional and human capacity of civic organizations to provide citizens the opportunity to participate in determining community priorities and service delivery
  • Build networks of local governments, both within individual countries as well as between countries in Africa, Europe, and the U.S.
  • Facilitate inter-community cooperation to accomplish civic goals
  • Bridge the digital divide by investing in technology and training and connecting local governments in Africa to best practices worldwide.